The Cloak of Peace

Te Korowai Rangimarie
Heiwa No Manto
Nagasaki Peace Park

The cloak – a gift of friendship from the people of New Zealand to the people of Nagasaki – symbolises consolation, protection, and solidarity. It also expresses ambivalence, reflecting conflicting interpretations of historical events. The sculpture's form – based on a Maori feather cloak – is covered with a perforated pattern of native New Zealand kowhai flowers.

Interactivity is central to visitors’ experience of the cloak. Its dynamic shape and the ground plane pattern ‘invite’ engagement: standing within the sculpture’s ‘embrace’ during sunlight hours, visitors’ bodies are cloaked in the projected flower pattern. By establishing a ‘photo opportunity’ in front of the sculpture, the cloak is also intended as a reflection of how the public encounter and respond to memorials.